Talisman Revised Fourth Edition Board Game

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  • Revised 4th edition
  • 15 characters to choose from
  • 90 minute playing time
  • 2-6 players
  • Suitable for ages 9+


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Talisman Revised Fourth Edition Board Game

Product details

Talisman - The Magical Quest Game has been enticing gamers since 1983, and this latest revised 4th edition has beautifully upgraded components with all the adventure and appeal of the original. 18 plastic figures replace the stand-ups from the last edition, and a new section of Alternative Rules For Speedy Play helps condense a normal 4-hour game time to around 90 minutes. Whichever rules you adopt, the object and mechanics are the same. You control a Character with unique abilities, and move about the board encountering Characters, Objects, Monsters, and other surprises. Gain treasure as you build up Strength, Craft, and Lives--and find the Talisman that will allow you to pass through the Valley of Fire and reach the Crown of Command.

Contents of Talisman - The Magical Quest Game:

  • 1 Enormous 6-Fold Game Board

  • Full-Color Rulebook

  • 14 Character Cards

  • 104 Adventure Cards

  • 24 Spell Cards

  • 28 Purchase Cards

  • 4 Talisman Cards

  • 4 Toad Cards

  • 4 Alignment Cards

  • 18 Plastic Figures

  • 6 Six-sided Dice

  • 40 Strength Counters

  • 40 Craft Counters

  • 40 Life Counters

  • 30 Gold Coins

  • 36 Fate Tokens

Technical details

Fantasy Flight Games
Game System
Talisman (4th Edition)
7 x 29 x 30cm

Talisman Revised Fourth Edition Board Game


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